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The New TF HQ

Adapting to the new world the way we know best

Alright folks, the secrets out: for the past few months, TouchFoundry has been completely remote. After lockdown began, it didn’t take us long to figure out that a permanent workspace just didn’t make sense anymore. We packed up our former offices and set up shop in our own homes, decorating our dwellings with a style that can only be described as: TouchFoundry Chic. Some incredible benefits have arrived with this new work style — nobody’s pining over not having to sit in morning traffic, or complaining about those extra minutes to themselves in the morning, and there might be a certain news writer that’s thoroughly enjoyed babysitting the office coffee machine. 


But we don’t need to spell it out for you — we’re social animals, working at home everyday and connecting solely through video calls is just not how we’re meant to live, well, for most of us, at least. Despite where you sit on that spectrum, there will always be moments in the project cycle that will benefit from sitting at a table with exploding imaginations, bustling brains feeding each other’s fires, building an ineffable synergy to solve a problem or break new ground.


TouchFoundry is no dictatorship, so we put the question out to the team: what do you need to be the most productive and content during your work hours? And, because we’re a diverse bunch of brains, we replied with a diverse bunch of answers. If only we knew some experts in innovative digital solutions to help us figure this out… oh wait.


I know what you’re thinking, ‘hold the phone — digital? You’d have to be a very specific brand of bonkers to build an entire platform just to keep everyone in your team happy!’ Firstly, the line between bonkers and genius is deceptively thin. Secondly, we’re not the only ones in this situation, and if we were going to find a solution to this problem, why not share it with the world?


Thus, PassPro was born! A platform to find adaptive workspaces, tailored to any team’s personal needs. If you want to find out the nitty gritty, you’ll just have to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram and watch out for the PassPro showcase that’s in the works, but here’s what you need to know: we’ve given businesses, restaurants, well, any space owner with a mind for the bottom line really, the opportunity to monetize their space by creating remote work packages for teams who are facing the same workspace problems that we were dealing with.


And what better way to show the world how effective this solution is than to live it ourselves? We’ve become our own case study, if you will. As our own first clients, we’re incredibly pleased to inform you that we’ve found a pretty amazing solution for ourselves. When 2021 hits, we’ll be working out of the historic Ideas Cartel’s Old Foundry in Green Point, allowing team members to collaborate when the mood strikes, or work from home when they’re not in the mood to leave their fur babies for the day.


But that’s just the start! Ideas Cartel has come up with a killer package that allows us to take advantage of their full suite of spaces. If our townies would prefer to just pop down the road for a quick collab, they’ve been given access to Ideas Cartel’s lavish Loop Street offices as well. And you’ll be glad to know, you can now meet your favourite bearded man with a seaside view (okay, our CEO, Fabio if we must be so formal). Let him wine and dine you at the decadent Casa Labia in Muizenberg, the crash of the ocean offsetting the high speed extravaganza that is a Longano business meet.

I know, you’re jealous, but don’t worry, we’ve made sure that you too can find the perfect spaces for your team. Watch this space, or why not pop in to say hi some time?