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Sometimes bigger is better!

Meet the new recruits

TouchFoundry is growing. We’ve got a brand spanking new marketing department (more on that to come) with some new faces to fill it, as well as some new additions to our UX and development teams. Without further ado, allow us to introduce:

Anton van Diermen

Anton’s our new Head of Marketing. He’s a battle hardened soldier from the digital trenches, having been in the digital marketing game for over ten years. After getting his degree in English and Philosophy, Anton began his search for a truth far more mysterious than the meaning of life – how Google’s ranking algorithm works.

He’s also passionate about reporting and analytics: gathering, aggregating and analysing users’ behavioural data to inform actionable insights for our clients. Performance marketing is nothing without data-driven decision making, and that’s what he brings to the TouchFoundry table.

“TouchFoundry seemed like the perfect place for me because of the palpable sense of growth and excitement about the team, as well as the many opportunities for me to both add value with my skill set and also to learn and benefit from the broad range of skill sets already in the team”
– Anton

He’s been teaching us a thing or two ‘round here, and we can’t wait to see where he leads us on our journey into the world of digital marketing, as well as all the ways he can help our clients make the most of the data their products have been collecting. Get in touch with us if you’ve got a goldmine waiting to be dug up!

Danielle Graiser

To say Danielle is multi-talented is putting it lightly. Not only is she our new onsite UX mastermind, but a significant contributor to our social media and communications team. She’s written copy for some of the country’s top ad agencies, but also found a love for UX, working for a Silicone Valley Saas start-up as a content curator. Since, she’s thrown herself at mastering the world of UX, leaning hard into the world of human-product interaction, which is how she found herself at TouchFoundry.

“I was looking for a place where I could work closely with an ambitious team of developers and designers to make work that mattered. TouchFoundry offered both a highly skilled, collaborative work environment as well as access to great clients and cutting edge projects. A UX Designer’s dream!”
– Danielle

She’s loved collaborating with the TouchFoundry team so far and we’ve been impressed and inspired by her work and can-do attitude.

Liam Jones

Liam is TouchFoundry’s new intern (yes, we’re running an internship program ‘TF All Stars’ – but more on that later), and we’ve been testing his mettle. He came to us in search of professional working experience and to flesh out his programming skills after completing a coding bootcamp. Since starting a little over two months ago, we’ve already had him tackle FED tasks on registration flow, do deep-dives into deployment pipelines and payment gateway implementations – research we’ve already applied to some of our projects! His incredible progress has shown us he’s ready for the gauntlet.

“It’s been challenging, but I’ve already learnt a lot!”
– Liam

We’re excited to see what he has in store for us. Go get ‘em, Liam!

Ross Henshall

And lastly, we have our new Brand and SEO Content Marketer, Ross Henshall, who would certainly never break the fourth wall to confess that he’s the one writing this article. Ross has a broad range of experience in the writing world, from developing television series and novels, to writing eLearning courses and ad copy.

“I’ve been wanting to work for TouchFoundry since I first caught wind of them about two years ago, and the moment I heard there was room on the team for a writer, I was banging on their door.”
– Ross

He’s been loving his time at TouchFoundry so far, writing copy, articles and case studies to show the world the incredible work that’s been happening behind the scenes. There’s so much more to come, so keep your eyes peeled.

Onboarding during the COVID19 lockdown has had its challenges, but we’d like to applaud our new recruits for taking it in their stride. We can’t wait to get everyone back in the office to give everyone a proper welcome. Until then!