Clients, Partners and Friends

We've learnt a lot from many different industries, cultures and people

Clients, Partners and Friends

We’re fortunate to have vast experience across the globe, through business categories and at scale. It’s created a depth of know-how and understanding that when combined with our clients’, becomes a multiplier of value, making our work exponentially more impactful.

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We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with one of the globe’s leading Asset Management companies. Designing and building a set of complimentary digital tools, we’ve assisted NinetyOne in providing a better experience for their customers, standing out above the competition.


We partnered with leading payments and loyalty processor WiGroup to build and launch the NowNow food chain mobile solution. Right from the moment customers place an order via the app, to when store managers mark orders ready for collection on their POS.

A multi-year relationship to create digital products and marketing experiences , evolving the brand and assisting in unearthing new revenue streams for South Africa’s leading second-hand vehicle marketplace.


Collaborating with the very talented artists and thinkers at Art in site, we’ve created apps and digital experiences that have won awards and have transformed healthcare spaces in and around London for the NHS.


We worked with OLX Sub-Saharan Africa UX lead to push boundaries for transactional communications on the famous classifieds platform. We also got the rare privilege to work on a top secret project which was pulled into a bigger global deal for OLX worldwide.


10X aims to provide a world-class investment product experience to an expansive audience in South Africa. We’ve worked closely with the marketing, product, brand and technical department leads at 10X for a number of years, launching campaigns and integrating products with their internal CRM platform.


We’ve enjoyed a multi-year relationship helping Australia’s most elite photography network build a better brand, communicate a clearer service offering as well as build a large-scale platform aimed at revolutionising the way professional photographers work.

BroadReach Healthcare

Over the years we’ve collaborated with BRHC in helping advocate and fulfil their vision of enabling underserved populations around the world to all have access to quality healthcare. We’ve played our part by building custom software solutions and to provide partners with the innovative technological edge necessary to achieve this goal.


We helped a leading retail and experiential agency in SA craft a roaming digital catalogue and an in-store customer loyalty kiosk for one of the world’s biggest lifestyle brands.

Johnson & Johnson

We worked closely with J&J’s marketing agency to launch an initiative to increase both product and brand awareness to the local pharmaceutical market as well as educate, uplift and empower pharmaceutical staff.


We’ve collaborated directly with Cape Town’s iconic international convention centre over the years to create social media powered experiential IoT activation campaigns to digitally distributed stakeholder annual reports.


We built a large, scalable, component-driven content management platform to disrupt the way India-based pharmaceutical giant, ACG, conducts product expos and engages with an audience in an interactive and meaningful way. With localisation support across 5 regions globally, ACG is able to penetrate down barriers that COVID-19 put up.

We leveraged one of our proprietary platforms to build and launch this lockdown-startup in the heat of COVD-19. Changing the way people connect to live entertainment events, puts the front row experience in customer’s home in a way that’s both safe and engaging.

We helped brand, design and launch a local startup aimed at making team communication and collaboration a whole lot easier, smarter and faster. Mobile, desktop and print, we ensured a slick, breezy interface for the product while crafting the right marketing collateral for the right audience.

Deep Data

We revamped this deep-learning security platform’s key product – Deep Alert. After an intensive UX teardown, we re-imagined the customer-facing product from the ground up, and then scaffolded it with a modern, clean, snappy and responsive user interface so that end users could comfortably administer and monitor their security with ease.


We built South Africa’s first venue marketplace aimed at connecting space owners and space seekers who share a passion for beautiful spaces. From brand strategy to interface design, platform development and marketing, we’ve built the product and platform from the ground up.


We’re proud in announcing that we pioneered gesture-driven interactive retail window displays in the country. Powered by our proprietary software, Mosaic, this pilot for Foschnini’s Hi-Store allows window shoppers to browse deals and connect with brands and providers, both inside and outside the store.


We partnered with a local leading learning content producer to design and develop engaging and interactive SCORM learning modules for staffers of one of SA’s cellular network giants.


Isopharm sells both digital and physical products and services to its impressive user base in the dental healthcare sector throughout the UK. We’ve worked extensively with them to launch new products while improving existing ones to increase the company’s footprint, multiple and market value.


We assisted a local digital agency in developing custom software which powered 170+ touch and motion-input driven kiosks throughout the US. The kiosk showcased the best of what Xbox had to offer in media and entertainment, acting as a marketing and sales platform for the brand.

Virgin Active

Thinking about eating that donut? Also thinking about how much time at the gym it would take to burn it off again? These are the questions we helped the fine folks at Virgin Active answer for their customers through a fun, interactive tool.


This innovative organisation is providing a digital platform for architects, visual artists and property developers to reach out and connect with their audience, helping to secure funding and launch next-generation property development projects at scale. We’re proud to have been there every step of the way.


ToolsGroup‘s mission is simple. To be the world’s industry leading AI driven Supply Chain optimisation product, offering a range of products and solutions to help their customers improve their bottom line. We play our part in assisting them with continuous implementation of their marketing efforts.

In collaboration with our friends at Isoflow, we worked with this progressive startup to build out the marketing front for its online property rental platform.


Deeliver is an ambitious SA startup aimed at disrupting the FMCG market by making consumer goods more convenient and accessible on demand to anyone with a smartphone and appreciation for good design and great service. We added the expertise necessary to design, build and launch almost every facet of this tech-driven business.


You love fine wine? You love great user experience? A complete digital overhaul for the famous online wine editorial where we covered strategy, design and development, activating new revenue channels for the business.

Law for all

We’ve collaborated with the team at Law For All over numerous months in an effort to build and launch an ambitious, user-centric platform for legal professionals in South Africa to connect with, manage and expedite customer cases.


HomeChoice approached us to create a suite of engaging, interactive and viral socially-driven minigames and campaigns in collaboration with their inhouse design and marketing team.


We were appointed by Netcare’s lead digital agency to develop and support a proprietary app aimed at providing emergency services and network partner information to standard and premium users on their schemes.


As part of an initiative to recruit new referees throughout the country, we partnered with one of SARU’s marketing teams to create an app that puts rugby in your pocket. From rules; to player bios and interactive quizzes, this platform allows SARU to scout high potential individuals who show a love for the game and a deep passion for the rules.


Over the years we’ve collaborated with design teams across the country to reimagine and build a performant, mobile-first marketplace product, as well as creating delightful, interactive marketing campaigns.


Doing our part to help raise awareness of the detrimental effects of CO2 on our environment, we were approached to co-create an interactive tablet experience to educate users on the subject matter via a gamified challenge for the COP22 event held in Marrakesh.


Part of a wider initiative to uplift SA’s manufacturing, textile and clothing industry, we helped a local big brand clothing manufacturer secure government funding for, and spearhead development of, proprietary time study software to aid in optimising the manufacturing process.


A complete zero to 100 project involving product innovation, strategy, prototyping, app and web development. We’re helping the ai-powered insights platform enable healthcare organisations find a path to success by improving key health metrics worldwide.


We partnered with a leading local ux research and design studio to rebuild the web product from the ground up, with a focus on usability, performance and accessibility.


We’re passionate about collaborating with businesses that want to leave a positive footprint on our earth. We helped Twyg with a complete 360 brand and digital strategy to help launch their modern sustainability editorial brand into the digisphere. We’re very proud of the mark you’re making Jackie!


A local data-driven startup revolutionising the way paid marketing is managed and rolled out. We worked with them to design and build the product interface that will ultimately make media planners, buyers and revenue forecasters more effective.


We consulted with a financial services data insights platform to help simplify and streamline the usability and interface of their powerful, multi-faceted product.


We consulted remotely alongside a group of very bright mathematicians, as to how we might turn a series of intricate algorithms, models and methodologies aimed at solving complicated, large-scale logistics into a user-centric, visually-driven end user product, ready for market.


Lalela provides educational arts for at-risk youth to spark creative thinking and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit. We worked remotely, yet closely, with a multi-disciplinary global team to revamp their digital footprint from the ground up.

Raymond James

We redesigned and built the front end experience for Investor Access, a client-services investor portal for one of the UK’s leading wealth management companies.

The Fringe Arts

Another implementation of our proprietary motion-driven window-front tech, Mosaic; we helped a local-designer driven craft store and a creative eclectic jewellery designer get some fantastic press coverage in local online blogs and newspapers.


We built a rapid working MVP for the fine folks at Mukuru, aimed at simplifying the way friends and family across the continent connect, share and send money to one another.

Popcorn Training

We helped local video training specialists craft bespoke SCORM driven widgets to power distribution of their learning content and collect and report user data back to a larger learning management system.