The at-your-door convenience store

Delivering Deeliver

Building a fully functional delivery system in three apps

What we did

Deeliver came to us with a brand and an idea: transform user's phones into a digital convenience store that’s so user friendly and engaging that it becomes the obvious choice for their quick purchase needs.

And away we went! In just nine months, we researched, designed and automated a system that handles every step of Deeliver’s process – a gripping consumer app for loading up shopping carts and scoring sweat deals, a back office toolkit for managing everything from stock sync to orders, promotions, drivers and shifts, and an all encompassing driver app with real-time updates for quick and easy delivery.

Taking stock

Understanding an industry

Because Deeliver is not the first kid on the digital delivery block, we had the opportunity to learn from the best – and then make something better. After a deep dive into the industry, we came up with a product that stands up to giants.

All aboard

We wanted users to understand the full power of the app from the moment they signed up so that they can make the most of their experience.

"Best service. Best products. Convenience at it's greatest."

Anonymous Deeliver User
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Deploy and enjoy

A back office toolkit for easy order management and more

We created a central point for orders and deliveries to flow through that allows Deeliver administrators to track and manage the entire ordering process with ease. By integrating DEAR systems into the toolkit, Deeliver administrators are able to produce itemized invoices at the click of a button and manage stock with QR code packing slips that sync with the system to keep track of every item on the shelves.

"Real convenience , loving it!"

Anonymous Deeliver User
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Driving it home

A driver’s side app

We made drivers’ jobs easy – push notifications immediately alert them to new orders and with Google Maps seamlessly integrated into the system, they know exactly where to go, when to go, and the fastest way to get there.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

By integrating all the working parts into a super-powered hivemind, users can track their order in real-time at every step.

"Friendly, efficient and professional!"

Anonymous Deeliver User
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Deal with it

Users score great deals with perfectly positioned promotions.

"Exceptionally quick! Love!"

Anonymous Deeliver User
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