Virtual reality realty

See the future

Digital architecture in the digital age

What we did

Waiting for a development to get built before you walk its hallways is an inconvenience of the past with ThinkVR — a fully immersive virtual reality platform that allows 3D digital renderings to be experienced in real time. With life-like, tangible renderings, developers are able to show investors exactly what they’re being sold, before a single brick is ever laid.

We worked closely with ThinkLabGroup, a young and dynamic world class 3D visualisation company. With their extensive knowledge of the architectural market and our techy know-how, we collaborated on building a custom software product that immerses users into the life-like 3D worlds that the Think3D division creates for its clients.

Crystal clear

High fidelity for high-end developments

Absolute life-like clarity is key when showcasing beautifully crafted virtual developments. By building ThinkVR on the Unity engine, we were able to reach levels of realism that the industry has never seen before.

More than meets the eye

High fidelity for high-end developments

ThinkVR is more than simply a means to view a 3D rendering — it’s a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience. 3D audio spatialization maps sounds to the virtual environment and built in location tracking maps your view to your positioning. It’s the closest you can get to the real thing.

Taking the best and making it better

Optimizing Unity and GoogleVR

Virtual Reality is getting better by the day, so we made sure to build ThinkVR on the shoulders of giants. With the perfect balance of quality and efficiency, Unity seamlessly summons lifelike renderings into reality and with GoogleVR integration, the platform scales effortlessly to both Android and iOS.

Right here, right now

Virtual reality locked in real positioning

Walk the halls of your upmarket development exactly where they’ll stand with GPS synced location locking. Instantly climb floors and readjust your positioning to experience the skyscraper of your dreams at ground level.

Experience stories

Info hotspots that unpack a project

Virtual objects become story-tellers with intractable info hotspots that guide users along their virtual tour. No need for onsite proposals — prospective investors can enter their next big project and have it sell itself to them.

Ready to scale

Designing with growth in mind

It’s not good enough to build a platform that only works for one project. ThinkVR is ready to adapt to new projects whilst optimizing and reinvigorating ThinkLab’s existing portfolio into fully immersive virtual realities.