Cars Match!

Matching private sellers and dealerships

We had a problem –’s primary clients, car dealerships, were having trouble finding good quality stock that moved off the showroom floor quickly. We needed to find out why consumers were reluctant to engage with dealers, and what it would take to get them onboard.

After years of successful work with, we already had a solid understanding of their user base – but it was time to get up close and personal. We did a deep dive into the minds of their market and emerged with a polished solution, packaged into a product like none before it – Cars Match!

Getting engaged

Working with to form a gameplan

We knew Cars Match! had the potential to be an industry game-changer, but we also knew that for it to work, we needed to understand how to speak to users, what their reservations were, and how to dispel them. It didn’t take us long to figure out the first step: focus on the consumer. We created a multi-phase research plan before figuring out the ultimate packaging to turn this service into a consumer ready product.

Let’s get to know each other

Face to face interviews with users

In a series of semi-structured interviews, we asked users the important questions: how do you go about selling your car? What are your experiences selling directly to dealerships? We learnt a lot and turned that knowledge into meaningful insights that we applied to our first prototypes.

A perfect match

Making sure users and prototypes connected

We watched how users interacted with first iterations of Match! and the insights flowed in. By taking careful note of where users seemed confused and questioning their experience, we were able to iron out all speed bumps. After a tweak here and there, we built a smooth sailing highway that users were eager to ride.

Putting lightning in a bottle

Packaging a service into a product

We applied our research to produce an experience that informed and guided without overwhelming. Users sell their vehicles that much faster and dealerships fill their showrooms with the exact stock they’re looking for.

Mobilizing the movement

We provided designs that adapt effortlessly to mobile so that you can get that car sold, anytime, anywhere.

A done deal

Dealers love to Match!

Since Match! went live, dealers have had a new way of connecting with private sellers that simplifies and streamlines the stock purchasing experience. It’s safe to say, they’ve found their perfect match.