Structured enhancements to enable better business

As organisations scale through rapid growth, they need to respond through rapid configuration. Here, we find opportunities to improve, automate and future-proof. Guaranteed product and service are essential. Seamlessness and standardization is key.

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Engineering thinking that drives smarter business

A system built to service needs to a market today, is very different system to that which might be required tomorrow. As your business grows, so does the need to optimise and streamline performance in a way that impacts your bottom line. Doing the technical ground work in a smart, meaningful way up front means that you can focus on doing what matters - running your business - while the rest takes care of itself.

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Systems Automation

Hyperactive resourcefulness

System and platform auditing

It goes without saying that any technologically-enabled business must be future-proof. Ensuring that the platform currently in use is thoroughly audited and vetted are essential. This allows us to identify opportunities for growth and scale.

Automation Pipelines

Automating build processes can optimise development costs and allow continuous delivery of product, guaranteeing that users receive updates both early and often. Using best in class service providers, we’re able to give what you need when you need it.

Production Environments

Standardising code bases and creating an end-to-end application development environments dramatically reduce margin for error. Here, updates and issues can be resolved through an exact live replica, reducing integration friction, transactional costs and minimising risks when releasing features to live systems.

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Machine Learning & AI

Next generation cognition

We deliver reason as a service, simplifying problematic systems into automated efficiencies. We classify and analyse complex data and media, distinguishing key details and distinct features, expanding data-related collection using image-to-text conversion techniques. We introduce human-like interpretation into a system’s building blocks to make it both more dynamic and more seamless. We engineer away strain. We catalyse productivity and operability.

  • Image classification
  • Video & image analysis
  • Optical character recognition
  • Text classification/theme & sentiment analysis
  • Chatbots
  • Customer self-service knowledge base
  • Deep learning
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We commoditise invaluable insights to enable decision-making. We engineer sanity back into complicated data systems. We provide metrics with context and expand the means of data collection to transform invaluable insights into accessible, actionable opportunities.

  • Data mining/scraping
  • Data sanitation
  • Data processing
  • Data exporting

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