Unbreakable supply chains

A new link in the chain

An endless supply of solutions for a demanding industry

What we did

ToolsGroup is a US based consulting company that specializes in supply chain optimization and are proud hosts of the annual TG Conference. They’re constantly sharpening their product with new studies and content, and their web presence needs to constantly adapt to reflect it. We’ve become a link in the ToolsGroup chain that constantly adapts to its ever changing shape – and that chain reaches from our home in South Africa across the world to the United States.

The strongest link

Adapting to differences

As an international service consultancy, we pride ourselves on our best-in-class productivity and collaboration tools and workflows. This unique and powerful setup means that we can remain connected across time zones, bridging gaps and remaining a tight-knit, fast moving, value adding team.

Improving on perfection

Deploying a new face for a trusted brand

Good branding is only as good as its application. In updating the ToolsGroup site, we ensured it offers an amazing user experience with tangible, responsive features that link seamlessly with branding, corporate identity and a design system done by our talented friends at Isoflow.

Always at the ready

Staying at the forefront of marketing campaigns

ToolsGroup is constantly launching new marketing campaigns to reach out to the global market and we’re at their side, as vigilant and creative as any marketing team, creating features that bolster their campaigns at a moments notice.

Move your own supply

ToolsGroup never waits for our time zones to align – we’ve ensured that the platform remains easy to edit and intuitive, ensuring they can upload new content the moment it's ready to publish.

Keep it clean

A polished product for clients

ToolsGroup customer-facing front ends are the ultimate marketing tools. By applying our years of user understanding, we ensure that potential clients can get the information they need in a breeze, and experience our signature delight when interacting with marketing material.

Benefits to bank on

Calculate what ToolsGroup can do for your bottom line

Numbers speak louder than words, so we developed a benefit calculator for the TG site that allows prospective clients to describe precisely how their supply chains operate so that we can calculate the benefits that ToolsGroup can offer. It's lead generation that speaks for itself.

Your golden ticket

A TG conference site that does the heavy lifting

A conference that reaches out to companies all over the world needs a centralized hub for speakers and attendees. We created an event registration system and ticket purchasing platform right into the site, taking a load off event organisers shoulders.

  • Translates into five languages

  • Ticket purchasing hub

  • Virtual conference functionality

Coming together

Talking to the global community

ToolsGroup and the TG conference reach out to companies all over the world and that means their sites need to adapt to different regions and languages so that their reach is truly global.

A solid connection

Continuous support

Whatever ToolsGroup needs, we’re there to support them. Whether it be rethinking user experiences, redesigning user interfaces, developing new products or guiding new campaigns with SEO insights, we’re always at their side, delivering world-class solutions.

Connecting the dots

Our relationship yeilds real results — the numbers say it all


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