Your online wine guide, reimagined

Beginning it’s life in print, Wine Magazine made the transition to digital in 2011, transforming into Winemag. They came to us when they knew it was time to reconsider, redesign and redevelop their web offering for desktop and mobile.

We created a digital tasting room for the content that wine-lovers crave – a place to take in the latest news, reviews, and reports with fellow connoisseurs; a welcoming space to share opinions and rub shoulders with editors and experts in the community.

A walk through the winelands

We kept the site as crisp as a chilled sauvignon blanc, with a tasteful use of space that’s delightfully digestible for users.

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It’s all coming together

Content that knows its place

We wanted content to flow onto the site smoother than a fine merlot over the taste buds. With a compelling and sophisticated content system, articles find their own place on the front page. Featured articles appear front and center, whilst timeless pieces can be pinned in place, allowing editors to spend more time curating content without worrying about layout.

Through the grapevine

Growing a community around delectable content

There’s only one thing winelovers like more than drinking wine – and that’s talking about wine. We gave them everything they need to open up discussions on the latest news and reviews, learn from experts and sommeliers, and form a family that they’ll want to visit every day.

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Best in show

Capturing competitions

The Winemag stamp of excellence is a sought after honor in the wine-making community, and when they host a competition, winemakers want to know about it. We found an elegant way to provide all the information competitors need in order to enter, without disrupting the everyday reader’s experience.

Made for mobile

There’s no need to wait for your taste of juicy content with Winemag’s mobile site.

Bringing home the Bordeaux

Elegant ad space

Ads and magazines have had a harmonious relationship since the dawn of print – we made sure that ads appear distinct from content without being a pest on the page.

Like a well aged wine

Users love Winemag’s new and improved flavour


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"When required both a cosmetic make-over and a major upgrade to our CMS mid-2019, we were very lucky to discover TouchFoundry who offered both branding savvy and technical know-how. Front-end looks great because back-end is so easy to use. "

Christian Eedes
Winemag Founder and Editor