Isopharm Group Reporting

Medical professional development made manageable

Good looking

Creating an interface that distills big data into clear insights

What we did

When it comes to the dental profession, Isopharm does it all. One of their specialities is offering online training that helps dental practices fulfill their Continuous Professional Development requirements, which ensures that dental professionals are up to date on the latest practices.

After building a dental supply e-commerce site, we set our sights on a new challenge – create an add-on for the existing online training database that provides meaningful insight to practice managers, to allow them to monitor and assign new training courses. They gave us their wish list, and we gave them the Group Reporting Interface.

On the shoulders of dentists

Isopharm employs dental professionals and scientists to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Using this insight, we identified what tools were needed to perform the operation, then made sure they pieced together into the ultimate interface.

All you need, at glance

A dashing dashboard that gives meaningful insight into overall and individual practitioner professional development.

Picture this

Data visualizations that just make sense

A picture says a thousand words, and the right graph can produce countless insights. By translating data into easy to interpret visuals, practice managers are up to date on staff progress in the blink of an eye.

Getting to know you

Personalized CPD progress

The Group Reporting interface isn’t only big-picture – it provides detailed insight on individual employees' progress, shortcomings and can even suggest what courses to do next.

That’s right on so many levels

Managing practices, professions and individual employees

The Group Reporting Interface allows for multi-tier practitioner management. Courses can be assigned to individual practitioners, practitioners in a specific role or entire practice.

The ultimate practice partner

Isopharm’s group reporting platform has become a must have for UK dental practices


Dental practices using Isopharm Group Reporting


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