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TouchFoundry 2020 Rewind

We didn’t slow down during lockdown

We are proud to announce: we’re doing it. Not only are we surviving through these turbulent times, but after some much needed learning — we’re thriving. No, this didn’t happen with the snap of a finger — we’ve pivoted, adapted and done a whole lot of growing, as a company and as individuals. We’re showing the world that when the going gets tough, the tough get innovating. And sure, we could ramble on about our achievements, but why bother when the proof is in the pudding? Here’s what TouchFoundry has been up to in 2020.


To start, we want to thank our existing clients for sticking with us and reaching out to us to help them adapt to these challenging times. We’ve continued our full service connections with Cars.co.za, ToolsGroup and 10X, making the bridges between our brands stronger than ever. This continued support could have easily crumbled if either end hadn’t been prepared to step up to the mark when the world bucked and breighed, and we couldn’t be prouder to consider ourselves an integrated pillar of your brands.


But don’t forget that constant iteration, improvement and roll-out is the name of our game, and despite these turbulent times, we kept at it with our friends at ThinkVR, WineMag and Isopharm. They’ve shared our philosophy of taking the worst and using it as an opportunity to adapt and improve, and it’s resulted in incredible advancements for their brands. We’re looking forward to many more iterations of your incredible products to come.


But to keep this beautiful machine we call TouchFoundry going, we’ve had to keep growing. We’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing minds, connect with their brands, and work together on developing, launching or improving their existing products. There’s a lot of them, so here’s the rundown:

Starrstruck: UX, UI, Platform development


World Coffee Portal: Platform development


Phaseplay: Brand Development, CI, UX, UI, Brochureware, CX, Product roll-out


Ninety One: UX, UI, Product development


Helpout/LinkedTo: UX, UI, Platform development


Ramp: UX, UI


ACG-World: UX, UI, Platform development


Art In Site: Product development


Cyber Power: Product development


Lawyerly: Platform development


BWRM: Full service


House.me: Full service


So as you can see, we’ve been busy, and it’s only skywards from here. 2020 has only served to battle harden us, so from the TouchFoundry team and all our clients: 2021, on and up!