Media enhancements made effortless

Picture Perfect

A business in a box that let’s photographers focus on what they do best

What we did

When photography and videography went digital, the role of the person behind the camera changed drastically. Suddenly, capturing that perfect shot ceased to be the job description and became the first step in a tiresome process of edits, touch ups and alterations.

Black and White Real Estate Marketing wanted to change that – to enable their members to spend more time marketing their services and do what they love. BWRM approached us to build a media processing and delivery supply chain that allows members to submit raw data, put it in the hands of industry experts, and receive back the perfect, client ready product.

The age of automation

Hands off, feet up

We aimed to take as much burden off of BWRM members as possible. All they have to do is upload, brief and send – the BWRM platform takes care of the rest.

Learning from the best

Harnessing industry expertise

With years of industry experience behind them, BWRM has developed a personal understanding of what photographers need to perfect their product. We harnessed these insights and turned them into ingenious solutions, making the BWRM platform a photographer’s dream come true.

Complete control

Staying in the know

Members know what’s happening at every step of the process, no waiting on emails or misplaced promises to clients – it’s all managed in app, leaving more time for members to run their businesses.

It works both ways

Intuitive apps for both members and processors

With users on either end of the app, we needed to ensure that everything pieced together perfectly. We automated and streamlined BWRM’s complex file transfer system to ensure that files seamlessly move from members to processors, and back again, no matter the size or format.

Checks in the mail

Streamlined invoicing

Through seamless integration with best-in-class invoicing and financial administration platform, Xero, we were able to automate the invoicing process. With this harmonious enhancement, members can produce, send and monitor itemized, customizable invoices at the click of a button. That’s less time behind the screen and more time behind the camera.

No matter the shape or size

Downloads delivered to spec.

Downloading things off the internet seems simple – until clients get involved. Different jobs require deliverables with different specifications, and we couldn’t have made it any easier. Members simply put in their requirements, whether it be web sizes, with or without a watermark, seperate files or batches, and files arrive exactly to order.

Leave your mark

Need that watermarked? The in-app watermark maker allows you to place and scale your custom watermark, just the way you like it.

360 degree service

Client interfaces for professional product delivery

We designed a client-end app that finishes off your transaction with a clean, professional delivery method. Clients can view and download deliverables in app, as well as use it as an archive to avoid cumbersome searches through email inboxes. We bring BWRM’s incredible file delivery service to clients.

Not just a pretty face

A platform this sophisticated deserves a smart site that showcases everything on offer

The BWRM platform needed a face, and we made that face beautiful. Encapsulating the product in packaging as elegant as the platform, we made it clear that BWRM are industry leaders offering a premium product.

"Every now and then you find a team that takes your business as seriously as you do. The team at TouchFoundry have used their initiative and expertise to create the software we have been dreaming of. The high performance mentality is a credit to their business. I could not recommend TouchFoundry highly enough."

Guy Le Page