Reinventing the Wheel

Putting the pedal to the metal

Polish. Proliferate. Perfect.

What we did is South Africa’s leading second-hand vehicle marketplace and as industry leaders, they’re challenged to constantly be on the forefront of the latest digital trends. Having collaborated with them closely over many years, we’ve helped them proliferate the premium feel of their brand throughout their digital product stack; creating a clean, uncluttered experience that silently says: we’re the best in the business.

In a world where tech and user demands are changing every day, we’ve been by their side, using dev-conscious designs to ensure they adapt to the latest trends faster than a Maserati on the Autobahn.

App-reciating the little things

We brought the mobile app to life.

Employing a modern, minimalist interface that looks at home on any device, we created a dynamic experience that’s delightfully tangible. In this freshly refurbished driver’s seat, it’s easier than ever to use’s supercharged search functions to get that dream car off the app and into your driveway.

Now that’s good news

Articles and reviews that keep users coming back for more

People who love reading about cars love buying them too. We designed a layout for’s news and reviews page that says, ‘this is a pitstop that no petrol-head should miss’, leading them on the road from curious reader to daily visitor.

  • Mixed media article headers

  • Featured articles

  • Social sharing

  • Curated categories

  • Archive search

  • Seamless ad integration

Read between the lines

Compact real estate, lots of information.
We let vehicle specs slip on and off screen as easy as 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

  • Clear spec comparison

  • Compare multiple models

  • Robust filters

  • Favourites

"Our aim was to inform our design decisions with actual user data at every step - interviews, test labs and analytics played a major part in perfecting the overall experience"

Raphael Segerman
UX developer / Unicorn 🦄, TouchFoundry

Dealing with dealers

Effortless interfaces that up engagement

The art of selling cars stood stagnant from the creation of the Model - T to the birth of the internet. Getting car dealers to engage with a new wave of tech-solutions required an intuitive design that effortlessly integrates with traditional selling techniques.

  • Centralized dashboard

  • Optimized stock update forms

  • Simplified lead pages

"Great interface, crisp and fast!
It's a really awesome experience!

Anonymous Cars User
Google Playstore

Eye on the prize

The cream of the crop rises to the top

With a tasteful and simple addition of a stamp of excellence, we made new car specials stick out from amongst the rest so that users know which deals are the best in town. Dealers get their money’s worth for premium listings without obstructing user experience.

Hop in, baby!

We created a direct link between users and dealers to book test drives, transforming leads into sales that much faster.

"Great app! Very intuitive, fast, easy onboarding and not invasive. Super slick all round. Can't think of anything to crit. Testers, devs and UX designers did a great job."

Anonymous Cars User
In App Feedback

Extra! Extra!

Modular, scalable mailers that adapt flawlessly to any device. Easily edited, easily read.

Driving up the numbers

We’ll let the stats do the talking

After the redesign, users noticed the difference. App Store ratings are up, newsletters get more clicks and users spend more time engaging with the app.

+8:43 min

time spent in app

+0.9 incr.

Google Play Store rating

+4.2 clicks

per newsletter mailer

"Thank you to the team at TouchFoundry for our slick new apps! We really appreciate your dedication to delivering a great product. It has been a pleasure working with a tech company that understands our culture and shares the vision we have to create great user experiences."

Alastair MacMurray
Co-Founder at